An Appeal by Anti Corruption Team(ACT) to unlock the doors of the information commission

8 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 1
The state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are denying its public the very fundamental right i.e Right to Information as the common State Information Commission for both the Telugu States A.P & Telangana is without Information Commissioners and has become defunct.
There are around 16,000 Petitions and Second Appeals pending with the State Information Commission for the disposal and same are increasing every day.
To promote transparency and accountability in every Public Authority, RTI Act of 2005 has provided a tool to the general public as the Right to Information which is also a Fundamental Right.
It is very vital to appoint information Commissioners and to dispose of Second Appeals pending with the State Information Commission for promoting a vibrant and functional Democracy.
The State Information Commission became defunct in both the Telugu States, with the decision of Hon. Supreme Court upholding the decision of Hon. High Court setting aside the appointments of four Information Commissioners.
The remaining two Information Commissioners Sri M.R.Ratan retired on 22-04-2017 and Sri P.Vijaya Babu retired on 15-05-2017 respectively.
B.V.Seshagiri , State Co-Ordinator of Anti-Corruption Team Hyderabad, has appealed to His Excellency Governor and both the Honourable Chief Ministers to ensure the appointment of Information Commissioners at the earliest.
He has also urged to Constitute separate Information Commissions for both the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 
The application was written by B.V.Seshagiri can be accessed by the clicking following link – 
General public of state of  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and complete India may support Anti Corruption Team’s cause through supporting his petition by signing his petition through the following link – 
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Anti Corruption Team is a vision and mission to build a team of Anti Corruption Crusaders to:-
  1. Provide platform, training & Support to individuals to learn & ACT.
  2. Ensure that existing Anti-Corruption tools (RTI etc.) are not diluted.
  3. Work towards strengthening existing tools & bodies (CAG, CIC etc.).
  4. Research & device new tools to fight corruption.
  5. Pursue matters of public intrest through legal intervention.
  6. Build strength to Mount Civic pressure on Govt. to ACT.
  7. Encourage people to monitor & question the work of their governments.


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