Baby formula of Lactalis recalled after fear of Salmonella

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A baby formula of a leading brand Lactalis globally recalled after fear Salmonella contamination.

Baby drinking milk

French firm Lactalis is recalling all of its products from the global market after 26 infants fell ill due to Salmonella poisoning in France. This recall is affecting the export to Britain, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sudan.

Lactalis is one of the biggest producers of dairy product and covers market with its enormous no of milk powder product.They are marketed globally under Milumel, Picot, and Celi brands.

Company Spokesman says that nearly 7000 tonnes of the product may have been contaminated, and they don’t know how much remains in the market or has been consumed. All the product produced since mid-February are being recalled. He also said that precautionary measures are being to disinfect all the machinery of the company.

The government of France has published a list online of all formula which is not to be sold or exported and requested people to stop using them.

Lactalis product in the market.

Salmonella infection can be life-threatening for an infant and for the people whose immune system is weak. Its Symptoms are diarrhea, fever, chills, and abdominal pain.

The most sensitive consumers in case of baby food are of China as six babies died and 300000 got ill as Chinese manufacturer mixed an industrial chemical melamine to infant milk powder products.

China also banned some milk products of Fonterra due to scare of botulism in 2013. Fonterra is a big dairy company of New Zealand and later company said that scare was a dud.