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Each and every day, we create, save, post the Digital Data- whether it is sending the email to someone, chatting on social media, or downloading books, music films in that time you will require the storage media. Currently, we are using the storage media which is having limited storage space as well as durability. So, scientists have been looking for the smart way to store not only the personal data but also the world data. It is nothing but the DNA Hard Drive.

DNA Hard Drive

DNA is that molecule which is having the genetic information. So, it will be a great concept to use DNA Hard Drive so that we can read the data about thousands of years ago. The DNA Hard Drive can store any digital information in the nucleic acid of DNA. There are several advantages DNA Hard Drive, it stores 215,000 times more data than a one terabyte hard drive. The DNA Hard Drive can store a movie, a computer virus,  and an Amazon gift card.


Scientists have found a way to preserve the world’s data for 1 million years, by storing in the DNA Hard Drive.  Researcher already knows the importance of DNA as a storage purpose. The theory says that 1 gram of DNA equivalent to 455 exabytes that means it can hold the storage of one billion gigabytes. This one billion gigabyte can easily store the data of google and facebook easily.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) consists of four base pairs (adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine), these are the basic building blocks of life that can carry our genetic code. The researcher just needs to code A and C pairs of DNA into the Binary Code as a’ 0 ‘, whereas T and G pairs of DNA can be coded in binary as  ‘ 1’. DNA is slow as well expensive it takes lots of efforts to convert the genetic base pairs into the binarily coded language.

  • How Exactly it Works?

It is just like simple Sudoku game, in the Sudoku game you have to fill the empty grids with the number in the first row it gives the hint of second row or the column. Just like that DNA is having the hint of the content of the file, when it comes to retrieving the data from this molecule, during the retrieving the data if one file data has lost, the other hint will use which data was lost.

In 2013 Scientist tried to manage the sequence of Genetic Codes  from 700,000-year-old horse bones. To Preserve the 700000- Year – Old – horse bones it is a tough task otherwise the genetic codes will change and break down as it’s exposed to the environment.

The idea of storing the data in the DNA it was not an imaginary. In the mid of 1960 physicist, Mikhail Samiolvich Neiman proposed such mechanism. Researcher encapsulated DNA into tiny glass sphere which is having a 150-nanometer diameter. The researcher also compares the glass sphere against the other packaging materials, By adjusting the temperature between 60-70 degree Celsius. They found that the DNA inside the glass fiber it can be easily extracted with the fluoride solution.

It can easily readable.DNA hard drive Although the company like Microsoft is utilizing DNA as a Storage Part. Demand for DNA Hard Drive Storage is growing exponentially. Because the existing storage media is storing the limited data. If we want to store the world’s data then we have to look some advanced technology like DNA storage. The Reason behind the choosing the DNA storage because it is having a durability of the half-life of over 500 years.

While this does not come into the practice as this technology is improving rapidly in the biotechnology industry.

The important Part of this process that whatever information stored in the DNA, it can be readable as well as understand by the Future Civilisation. Another Major Problem is that Storing the information in the DNA is expensive which is around US$1,500 just to encode the 83 kilobytes of data used in this study.

DNA will be DNA that means the data can be read after the thousand years from now. Though the Data can be written in the computer language that may be stored on the flash drives and the zip disks. The book of  53,426 words called  “Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves consists of one javascript program and 11 images from HTML format to the binary code – a long string of 0 and 1 . This binary code is converted into the pearl language. This is how it will help to read the data.

  • What is the benefit of storing the data this way?

The extra feature, which DNA Storage is having over other storage media, make it a beneficial choice. It takes less space as well as high durability as it is stored in the glass fiber under the cold temperature. DNA from mammoth who died 3.7 billion ago we can still extract the data as well as we can sequence it. Every media format will be obsolete, but DNA can never be obsolete. Microsoft says DNA could be the better option to store the Data for the long term than the magnetic tape companies rely on today.

  • Is there any drawback of DNA Hard Drive?

It is expensive to archive the data on DNA, for synthesizing of DNA cost is $7,000 alone, while reading it costs $2,000.

Hope in the upcoming years DNA will come into the Practice. The expensive cost of DNA Hard Drive it is one of the major Drawback.



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