India Strengthen Relations Belarus!-President AG Lukashenko Visit India

6 months ago Ishan Chourey 0

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, on his two-day official visit to India, met with top Indian Political ranks, including President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both the countries inked 10 important MoU’s to increase bilateral cooperation and mutual development in the field of oil and gas, education, sports, and trade.

Prime Minister Modi and President Lukashenko, during extensive talks, also agreed on focusing on ramping up economic engagement between two countries, boosting investment and trade across multiple industries.


Here is a list of 10 important documents signed between India and Belarus:


  1. MoU between Education Ministry of Belarus and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India on development in Professional and Vocational Training.
  2. MoU between Education Ministry of Belarus and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India for development of Youth Policies and Development.
  3. Agreement between The Belarusian State Oil and Chemistry Concern and Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas of India for development and cooperation in Oil and Gas sector.
  4.  Protocol of Amendment to the agreements between Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of India and Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus signed on 16th April 2007, on cooperation in the development of agriculture.
  5. MoU between National Academy of Science Belarus and National Academy of Science India on development in the field of Science and Technology and cooperation in the development of clean energy.
  6. Agreement between Belarusian State Agriculture Academy and Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR), on cooperation in education and agricultural research.
  7. Belarusian Potash Company and Belzarubezhstroy exchanged documents with Indian partners, cooperation on with Minsk Tractor Works.
  8. MoU and agreement on development in the manufacturing industry especially powdered metallurgy, defense investment in commerce and trade, medicine and tourism.
  9. Encouragement in joint development, R&D and Manufacturing in the defense sector, with a special focus on “Make In India“.
  10. Increased bilateral cooperation for regional and global development.


Forging Stronger India-Belarus Relationships:

Visit from Belarusian President and multiple agreements to strengthen relations between India and Belarus will not only result in mutual development but will also give diplomatic advantages to strengthen its position in Europe. It will also help India’s case for free trade in the European Union as Belarus is a part of five membered EEU, which is considered very influential in Asian Bloc.

A stamp, commemorating 25 years of strong diplomatic ties between the two countries, will be issued by Postal Department of Belarus and India.