Modi’s flight to Ramallah: 1st Indian PM to visit Palestine

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After being a splendid host to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week, PM Modi plans to visit Ramallah, Palestine’s de facto capital on February 10th this year.
When Mr. Modi visited Israel last year, being the first Indian PM to do so, he also created huge disappointment to Palestine as he chose not to visit Ramallah then. In a similar fashion, this time on 10th February, Mr. Modi will fly in a chopper from Amman in Jordan to the West Bank city of Ramallah, 8km from Jerusalem and skip entering Israel.

Modi's flight to Ramallah : 1st Indian PM in Palestine
Modi’s visit to Israel in 2017

The exorbitant friendly connection between Israel and India and signing of umpteen numbers of MoUs earlier this week was seen as Modi administration’s departure from India’s 27-year old foreign policy of maintaining a balanced status-quo on the two disputed nations Israel and Palestine. India was the first non-Arab state to recognize Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the “sole and legitimate representative of Palestinian people” in 1974. India was also one of the first countries to recognize the state of Palestine in 1988.

Modi's flight to Ramallah : 1st Indian PM in Palestine
Israel-Palestine geography

The UN vote against Israel and upcoming visit to Ramallah silence all the speculations of Modi government taking sides and bestowing political support to his close friend Netanyahu. While the USA openly backs Israel as depicted already by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, India stands on a different pedestal believing in a peaceful two-state theory. On the next page of the story, it can be said that India is well aware of Israel’s dependence on our blooming market, its trade, tourism and other sectors which can be exploited as we have “nothing to lose”. Israel cannot afford to be upset with our decisions if it wants to hasten its economic growth. This strategic engagement of ours with other nations portrays India’s role as an emerging global power rather than being puppets to world leaders like the US.