Sunk Iranian tanker leaves massive oil spill off China

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An Iranian oil tanker ablaze since more than a week has eventually sunk in the East China Sea leaving massive oil spill for Chinese administration to combat with. The disastrous collision happened between The Sanchi and a cargo ship 260 km (160 miles) off Shanghai on 6th January around noon (4:00 GMT) which cause the ship to drift south-east towards Japan.

Panama- flagged Sanchi was carrying 136,000 tonnes of ultra-light crude oil condensate from Iran to South Korea when the collision with the Hong-Kong CF Crystal, carrying grain from the US, happened in the East China Sea. All the crewmen of the Crystal were rescued. But as reported by the Iranian officials all the 32 crewmen on board Sanchi- 30 Iranian and 2 Bangladeshis have been dead. A rigorous rescue operation was carried out by 13 Chinese vessels amid bad weather. They were successful in retrieving the ship’s black box but had to leave quickly due to toxic smoke and high temperature.

Sunk Iranian tanker leaves massive oil spill off China
sinking Iranian tanker the Sanchi

According to experts the reason behind collision hasn’t yet been ascertained and had gone down after it “suddenly ignited”. Chinese media reported on Monday that the rescue operation has now been replaced by a cleanup operation after the fire on the surface was extinguished. Two ships are deported to spray chemical agents to dissolve the oil spill. Environmental impact, especially on marine life has become a bigger question of concern now. The condensate which is used to create products such as jet fuel, is very different from black crude often found in oil spills. It is toxic, less dense and considerably more explosive than regular crude.