US shutdown: Blame game in the Senate

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The US federal government faced a shutdown today at midnight (eastern time) after the Senate failed to pass a temporary funding bill post several negotiations. The Senate gained 50 against 48 votes on the plan passed by the House of Representatives but could not exceed the 60 needed to win a majority. A bunch of Democrats delineated the norm to support the measure and also four Republicans voted in opposition.

A shutdown precisely means that non-essential government services like residential provisions, passport processing, national parks, and museums will be halted but wouldn’t impact essential services like air-traffic control and the military. However, the longer shutdown lasts, the more dramatic impact it has. Initially, the impact would be limited but the ripple effect of it would be largely disruptive the people of the United States. For instance, eventually, servicemen would see their paychecks to be delayed.

US shutdown: Blame game in the Senate
US Senate chamber

To a lot of people, it doesn’t make sense that how the case of ‘dreamer’ immigrants or ‘DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program)’ is even related to US government funding. The answer to this lies in political dysfunctionality between the Democrats and the Republicans standing on irreconcilable positions and rather than having a compromise we hear a stupendous blame game being tossed back and forth in the Senate. Since the deadline for the ‘dreamers’ case is set in March this year, the Democrats see this moment as a leverage where they can actually exercise power and stand on the receiving end by pressure building technique.

US President Donald Trump was supposed to leave on Friday afternoon to attend a fundraiser at his Palm Beach estate, Florida marking the one week anniversary of his inauguration but delayed his travel. Hence, the shutdown comes as a striking testimony to the dysfunctionality of the Trump regime in the White House. However, what neither side realizes is that the shutdown brings a huge political risk as they are going to encounter polls in November 2018.