National Democratic Alliance (NDA) declared Ram Nath Kovind as presidential candidate to shed its image

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National Democratic Alliance (NDA) declared Ram Nath Kovind as the presidential candidate to shed its upper caste image. This very move of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is also seen as an appeal to a wider weaker section of society.

As per opposition parties, they were not consulted for a presidential candidate. Taking it as a unilateral decision of NDA, opposition party may take a joint consensus and decide on their presidential candidate.

What is National Democratic Alliance (NDA) ?

National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is a coalition of political parties in India which has center-right outlook in their political ideology. Center-right politics is considered as moderate-right politics. These are generally supportive of capitalism and believe in rule of law, liberty, equality and human right etc.

NDA was formed in 1998 and was led by Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP). Now, it has 47 Parties as its coalition partners. NDA gave two Prime Ministers to India under its colour such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi.

Who is Ram Nath Kovind ?

Ram Nath Govind is currently Bihar state’s governor and a presidential candidate elected by NDA.

He was born on Oct . 1, 1945 in Kanpur Dehat, U.P. He is called as farmer’s son and a crusader for the upliftment of Dalit and weaker sections of society. He had a successful career in the legal field.

He addressed United Nation (UN)’s General Assembly in the year 2002.

He may become the first person from NDA to hold the presidential post. He may also become the second Dalit president after the late K.R.Naraynan who was elected to office in 1997.

He may be the 14th President of India.

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