Petitioners challenging schemes of Aadhaar : ‘State exploiting personal rights of individuals’

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Contradiction on Aadhaar related schemes is still in focus. The petitioners including senior advocate Shyam Divan and advocate Vipin Nair challenging government Aadhaar scheme in the Supreme Court on last Thursday. The Supreme Court has started the final hearing of the petitions filed against this, on January 17. The petition was filled in front of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra stating that state government itself is exploiting the Aadhaar Act of 2016 and leaking data in front of public corporates who are using these data for the commercial purpose. However, its the duty of State to prevent it from going to hands of Private ventures.

Petitioners challenging Aadhaar as exploiting personal rights of individuals

Mr. Divan pointed out that Aadhaar is like a “Switch” for the state government. As all the basic facilities for an individual is linked with it, therefore, it becomes clear that no citizen in society can survive without relying on it for the fulfillment of the basic needs and if the state government fails to maintain privacy & security of these data then it can completely destroy a citizen”. He also strongly pointed out that none of these private body’s have an agreement with UIDAI. Before the Aadhaar Act of 2016 coming into existence, there were Crores of Indian citizens who enrolled in this system in the year 2009-2016 when the UIDAI outsourced the work for data collections to private collecting agents. Senior Advocate mentioned in his statement that there was no Audit check on behalf of the government for these agents.

Mr. Shyam Divan also narrates an incidence where a couple was not able to register their marriage under the special marriage act due to non-availability of Aadhaar.Petitioners challenging Aadhaar as exploiting personal rights of individuals

On focusing, Aadhaar related schemes coming under state government very famous issue was in the year 2017 when “This 12-digit number has helped states government of Jharkhand, Manipur and Andhra Pradesh striking off 4.4 lakhghost students from schools, for whom the government had been allocating funds under the mid-day meal scheme.