Barack Obama, The Former US President Visits India

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Barack Obama addressing the public
Barack Obama addressing the public

Former president of the United States of America visits India for his new participation regarding THE OBAMA FOUNDATION just to ensure and make an impact regarding an active citizen. His foundation identified and exclaimed India as the most cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and one of the diverse nation. The relationship between the two nations had reached a new high under Obama’s administration. His foundation also credited as being the most “engaged and passionate citizens under 35”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Former President Obama of The US
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Former President of The US

Former President believes that a country empowers its strengths under the youth acquaintance – because they are the one who is going to ensure the potential and future of our nation. The future of a country truly depends on its Youth as the youth being the superpower.” said by Bernadette Meehan, Executive Director of International Programs at the foundation.

Prior to this, Mr. Obama has done his hosting in Germany, Indonesia, and Brazil along with the young leaders of the respective countries.