Growth of India and United States is a win-win situation for the both countries

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The growth of India and United States(U.S.) is a win-win situation for both countries. The government of United States is looking for its employment and economic recovery and progress while Government of India is looking for its growth prospect through recent Good and Services Tax(GST) reform, ease of doing business and “minimum government, maximum governance “.

On a three-day visit to the United States, Prime Minister Of India Mr. Nraendra Modi emphasized that India would be a beneficiary of America’s progress and strength.



The President of United States Mr. Donald Trump considers Mr. Modi as his true friend.




What does India expect from the three-day visit of PM Mr. Modi to the United States(U.S.)?

India expects following things from the three-day visit of PM Mr. Modi to the United States –

  1. liberal visa norms conducting with India’s Information Technology(IT) sector,
  2. better bilateral defense ties,
  3. United States’ support to deal with growing China-Pakistan nexus to curve India’s global ambition like India’s membership in Nuclear Supply Group,
  4. more coordination and support of Mr. Tump’s administration in building NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite(NISAR) for studying global environmental changes and associated natural disasters, and
  5. security concern of Indian diaspora in the U.S.


What does United States expect from the three-day visit of PM Mr. Modi to the United States?

United States expects following things from the three-day visit of PM Mr. Modi to the United States –

  1. the better Indian market access through elimination of multiple trades and investments barriers,
  2. a better market in India for its defense products to create more job in America

Both the countries have shown positive signals to each other countries before this very visit. U.S has already cleared the sale of 22 unarmed Guardian drones to India as a notion of better defense ties. India is very well satisfied with the safety and conditions of the Indian diaspora in the administration of U.S. President Mr. Trump.

So, it is considered that expectations of both of the countries will be met successfully through this visit of PM Mr. Modi to the U.S.


What is Good and Services Tax (GST)?

Good and Services Tax(GST) is one indirect tax reform introduced to make India one unified common market.

GST is a tax only on value addition done at each stage of good and services supply from the manufacturer till the consumer.

The final consumer will bear the good and services tax for the last dealer’s service in the supply chain.

GST is being introduced based on the report of the Kelkar Task Force on indirect taxes.




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