Increasing cases of suicides: what data suggests?

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Lakhs of students pass 12th boards every year. People from science background aspire to be an engineer or a doctor. Lakhs among them dream to get into one of the premier IITs. In the race to chasing their dreams to becoming an engineer from one of the top colleges, most of them prefer to get admitted to Kota and to get prepared for the entrance exams. Among them, some students take a year off or two, while the rest continue to prepare for it with their higher schooling. Either way, they go through the tremendous pressure both from the coaching institutes, their families, and expectations.

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Some of them prove to be handling that pressure without getting to be negatively affected by it. While some, they just could not handle those vigorous classes, never-ending expectations and building up the pressure.

Amidst all the chaos and hullaballoo, few students become extremely helpless. They couldn’t reach out for help. They are compelled to give up. Some of them even get so frustrated that they end up putting an end to their lives.

If data has to be believed 57 students studying in Kota have committed suicide in the last five years. Seven among them ended their lives in the past one year.

suicides due to pressure

This report isn’t only painful but it intimidatingly reflects the mindset that they have to go through.

Some become prey to endless expectations and pressure while rest is just seen to be pursuing their family’s dreams and not on their own. This only puts in only more oil to the ever-burning fire. When middle class to upper-class families compel their children to be an engineer or to get into an IIT, they not only snatch away their own children’s dreams but also instigate them to take such a major step.


We at GLOBAL DAILY TRIBUNE express utter grief for those children and their families.

We urge each one of you to please support your children, try to understand them and bolster them.

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