An insight to the Government of India initiatives

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India faces several difficulties in proper functioning due to grave issues like unemployment and less availability of finance, and over-population. To overcome these setbacks central government has been launching a number of initiatives. Some of them are as follows:


The Make in India movement launched by our prime minister three years ago has shown some real growth of late. Its inception has already started generating employment opportunities in several sectors. To boost it further the government of India has come up with the policies to be implemented in some sectors to speed up the employment generation process.

An insight to the Government of India initiatives



Startup India has been started in 2016. It aims at promoting the startups and their further growth by instigating banks to finance it to welcome entrepreneurship opportunities in India with open arms.

An insight to the Government of India initiatives



Our country has the fairly youthful working population. Umpteen numbers of students graduate every year. Colleges these days focus mostly on theoretical knowledge and less on the practical knowledge. Hence, the students when get exposed to real world do not perform up to mark. Skill India Initiative does exactly the work required to make students or employees market ready but in an informal way.

An insight to the Government of India initiatives



Stand up India initiative has been carried out to benefit almost 2.5 lakhs of SC/ST and women entrepreneurs. It has been launched to provide for refinancing window mechanism through SIDBI ( Small Industries Development Bank of India).

An insight to the Government of India initiatives


Every year a remarkable number of the rural population migrate to urban areas in search of better livelihood, employment opportunities, and educational opportunities. According to data, approximately 843 million people are expected to live in urban areas by 2050. To accommodate this massive population a smart planning and execution is needed. To carry out the urbanization in this context, the central government has set a targeted plan to incorporate 100 cities in smart city initiative. It would focus on increasing quality of livelihood, better accommodation, and reduced expenses and cope up complexities.

An insight to the Government of India initiatives

Along with the above-mentioned initiatives, more movements are taking place to make the country a better place to live in.

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