Justice: No Less Painful means for Execution

1 month ago Shruti Goel 0

No place on earth is free from criminals and crimes. They are humans just like anyone else but deserve to be punished. Any criminal offence is considered by the law and the accused is brought before the court for justice. A crime may or may not be worthy of the death penalty, but it becomes important in the name of the victim. The one who has suffered is at least worth a fair judgement.

None but the Government and the courts are entrusted, and responsible for keeping up the fair decision and look upon that no innocent shall be punished and not guilty shall be released. Most commonly, Hanging is used as a death penalty for condemnation in 58 countries including India. There are many countries who opt for an alternative means to punish the condemned prisoners. They are Lethal Injection, Stoning and beheading.

In a recent hearing at the Supreme Court, the Centre told the court that at present there are no valid alternative means which would be less painful for execution. Hanging is the only option they have as the Lethal Injections are futile and often fail. In this practice, they inject one or more drugs into a person for causing immediate death. However, the court believes that the accused convict should die in peace and not in pain. Every human being is equal and deserves to maintain dignity even in death. The Government was even sent a notice by the court to consider the “Dynamic Progress” of modern science, capable of adopting painless methods of causing death.

In the words of Solicitor-General Pinky Anand – “today, there is no viable method other than hanging.” A Delhi High Court lawyer Rishi Malhotra filed a writ petition being heard by the court, sorting out the court’s attempt to give less painful death to the condemned prisoners. Mr Malhotra said that the convict should not be forced to suffer at the time of termination of his or her life. He submitted – “When a man is hanged to death, his dignity is destroyed.”

The usual practice of serving the prisoners in India may be much irritating and revolting for the ones who have suffered but denying the fact of humanity is nowhere sensible. The one who has reached behind the bars breaking a law and acting against humanity is not to be idealized by the lawmakers. It leaves no difference between the justice doers and the justice seekers.


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