Plastic Park approved to be set up in Deoghar District, Jharkhand

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Today, the Government of India has approved for setting up a Plastic Park in Deoghar District, Jharkhand as announced by the Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Ananthkumar. The total cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs 120 crores in an area of 150 acres. The project would be manufacturing a range of polymer products including woven sacks, moulded furniture, water tanks, bottles, pipes mosquito nets, etc. The project has a great potential for generating employment opportunities for the local population and will also be attracting investment for setting up an ecosystem for this industry.

Plastic Park approved to be set up in Deoghar District, Jharkhand

According to Shri Ananthkumar, this project would positively provide direct employment opportunity to about 6000 people and over 30000 people will be experiencing indirect employment. The Minister has also taken up a big step for the availability of the invaluable human resource. A Central Institute for Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET) is being planned to be set up alongside the Park for training the human resource there to become plastic engineers and technicians. The State Government of Jharkhand is requested by the Minister to facilitate the land/building infrastructure for the same. This industry is growing very rapidly and therefore this human resource is of vital importance. This would also double the polymer consumption in India from the current 10 million metric tonnes to 20 million metric tonnes by 2022.

A Rs 3.5 crore Recycling unit is also announced by Shri Ananthkumar to be set up at Deoghar in order to tackle the menace of plastic waste that is generated as the place is a tourist attraction. An approximate of 5 crore tourists visit Deoghar per year, leading to the generation of immense plastic waste. This waste which is generated needs to be recycled scientifically to contain the generation of plastic waste and also to ensure sustainable development. Due to this reason, the plastic recycling unit would prove to be of great importance.

The setting up of this Industry at Deoghar would be highly encouraged by the building up of an ecosystem through the Plastic Park, CIPET and the Recycling unit. This will definitely make it a ‘Plastic Hub’ in the future.

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