Scorpene Submarines progressing to serve the Indian Navy

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Scorpene is a well-known class of submarine which are diesel-electric attack submarines. For Indian Navy, a special programme of Scorpene submarines had been launched known as the Kalvari class. These class of submarines are originally designed by the naval defence of France and energy company DCNS. Now they are being manufactured in Mumbai by the Mazagon Dock Limited.

Scorpene submarine programme

It is a programme of developing a total of six submarines of Scorpene class. The first submarine of this class, INS Kalvari has already joined the service in December 2017. The programme is making great progress and many more submarines are all set to serve the Indian Navy. The second submarine in this series is named as Khanderi and will most probably complete the sea trials by the middle of this year. The fourth and the fifth submarines are yet under construction at Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai. They are expected to be booted up this year. Booting up means to assemble the five different sections and welding them together to form a submarine. The third submarine in the series is named as Karanj. It was recently launched, early this week.

INS Kalvari

Technology Transfer

Khanderi had been launched in January 2017. It is expected to complete all the trials including the deep dive trials by the middle of this year. Post this it will be completely ready for induction. The Scorpene submarines being launched by the MDL are subjected under the technology transfer from the French Naval Defence Group. This means that this technology is being adopted by the Indian Navy from France under a contract signed in 2005 which was worth $3.75 bn. While progressing with the Khanderi, Karanj will undergo some careful sea and harbour acceptance trials. Beyond this, it will be successfully commissioned into service joining the Navy next year.

Scorpene class is the first modern and conventional submarine series of the Indian Navy. It is happening after two decades since INS Sindhushastra was obtained from Russia in July 2000.   

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