Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations

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Yogendra Yadav writes an open letter to PM Modi asking him to inquire into the entire functioning of SSC. He says that the young friends namely boys and girls of the country are facing great struggle demanding for a fair CBI probe into a seeming scam in the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exams conducted by the Center. In spite being emerged in thousands to voice their concerns, they have received nothing but a deafening silence from the Central government. While the whole country was engrossed in different colours of Holi, this youth was gazing at the dark future ahead of them.

He said that it has now become an open secret that fixing is involved in the exams Staff Selection Commission. It has, therefore, become the reason for compromising the merit of the aspirants. In fact, he referred it as a backdoor reservation for the ones who can either purchase a future of their choice or those who have an open access to power yielding centres. After maintaining for a long time, he says that now almost every state has a ‘Vyapam’ of its own and the victims to this are the young boys and girls. They are the ones who have put in years of hard work and sacrifices and at last, are being rooted out mercilessly by the few unethical in the system. They shamelessly put the future of the innocent at stake. He says that it is not only the results which are being compromised but the dates of joining have also been uncertain since 2-3 years. He questions Mr Modi for the reason of such uncertainty being imposed upon the youth. He is finding it difficult to find a satisfying answer to this injustice.

Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations

He definitely writes to the Prime Minister about the ongoing protest at the CGO complex in the heart of the National Capital of the country. But in a broader context, he wishes to question about every fraud going on in every nook and corner of the country. He reminds him of his election campaigns and addressing to the country which focussed specifically on the employment issues of the youth. The promises he made that there will be maximum employment and a job for all. He says that Modi Ji got a resounding victory based on the trust of the youth but now when the same youth asks for his intervention then it is painful to see him short of words and action.

Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations

He also shares his experience when he visited the protesting youth in Delhi. It was painful for him to see the future of the country lying on the footpath in worn-out quilts like migrant labourers. They didn’t have enough food to eat and water to drink still they were firm for their justice. The scenario can move anyone with a love for his country and it moved him. But, he saw the police prohibiting anyone who wanted to help these children with food, water and other basic logistics. He requests Mr Modi to at least make these children available with the basic logistics which is not such a huge thing to do.

Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations Youth Protests regarding fixing in SSC Examinations

He sarcastically requests him, addressing him as Mr Prime Minister. He urges him to intervene in the matter and listen to the “Mann ki Baat” of the youth for once. These children are not asking much but a fair CBI probe and a clean examination system that allows only the merit to prevail. The case of the ongoing agitation involves a prima facie evidence of fraud in the SSC-CGL(Combined Graduate Level) and MTS (Multi Tasking Staff) examinations. It is important that a CBI enquiry should be conducted not only in this matter but in the entire functioning of these examinations. This is at least the government can do for the young protestors.

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