First Transgender panel member at Lok Adalat

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According to a recent news and as a matter of pride for the nation, a transgender activist Vidya Kamble becomes a part of the judicial panel at a National Lok Adalat in Nagpur. She spreads a message that the society should not behave differently with the people of LGBT community but should rather support them. They are normal human beings just like us and have all the rights to play an active role in the society. They can do wonders if encouraged and motivated. They just need a chance to become a part of our so-called society from which they have been thrown out since ages.

We are all the same inside

Who is a Transgender?

It is a term simply used for the people whose gender expressions are different from their assigned sex. They are treated differently at workplaces, religious places, public places, and almost everywhere. Sometimes they are not even provided any legal security which is a remark of shame for our nation. We need to be generous and behave commonly with everyone no matter who they are. With no harm to our society, they remain the kindest hearted people. They are indeed better than most of the so-called men and women.

transgender community

Vidya Kamble

She is a transgender activist and is 31 years old. Recently, she came out as a hope for the community becoming the first transgender member of the National Lok Adalat in Nagpur. She used to dance and clap celebrating marriages and birth of children, spreading happiness and giving blessings but an incident changed her life. She got appointed as a panel member of Lok Adalat in Nagpur. It was a life-changing opportunity for her. She has been struggling since 13 years to achieve the same.

transgender panel member Vidya Kamble working at the Lok Adalat

Just like any other, she also left her family at the age of 18 when she came to know that she is a transgender. Thinking about the embarrassment faced by her family members, and witnessing the lies they used to tell others, she left them for peace. She didn’t want to prove to be troublesome and a matter of shame for her family. She then met Anand Chandrani who belongs to the Sarathi trust and is an LGBT activist. He is also a social worker in Nagpur and helped Vidya by counselling her. It was then that she realised, being a transgender is not her fault. She understood about her body and decided to devote the rest of her life for the betterment of her community. She also became a social worker and now is a respectable member of the society.

She has set an example for thousands of such people. They can achieve whatever they want once have started to learn about themselves. Being respected by others is possible only when we learn to respect ourselves. They must understand that it’s not their fault to be born this way.

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