Elderly Mumbai couple from Mumbai demanded for ‘active euthanasia’

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Mumbai: An elderly couple from Mumbai at the age of 80’s wrote a letter to President of India for seeking permission for an “active euthanasia” which means a person is killed by administrating overdoses of certain painkillers.

Elderly Mumbai couple from Mumbai demanded for active euthanasia

The Couple, Narayan Lavate, 86 years old,  a former government employee of the State Transport Corporation and her wife Iravati Lavate, 79 years old, a retired school principal of a High School in the city. The couple mentioned in the letter that they have no children because in the earlier stage of their marriage they decided to not to have kids. Lavate also mentioned in their letter that they don’t suffer from any health issues. The couple told reporters that ” we are of no use for the society and can’t contribute anything so we have written to President of India to allow us for a doctor-assisted death.

Elderly Mumbai couple from Mumbai demanded for active euthanasia

The present law in the country didn’t allow “active euthanasia” because the couple does not suffer from any life-limiting disease as per the experts. Dr. Roop Gursahani, neurologist, PD Hinduja, and Research center, Mumbai added in a statement that even in Countries where active euthanasia is legal, it requires the requisite patient suffering from a terminally ill disease.

The couple mentioned that they wrote to the president because the latter has the constitutional power to pardon life sentences, and should also have the power to allow ‘right to death’.

The matter of “active euthanasia” came in the country when the Supreme Court refuses a petition of a nurse from KEM Hospital, Aruna Shanbaug, the nurse was in the vegetative state for nearly 30 years since 1973. Euthanasia was refused to allow and the nurse died in  2015, while on a ventilator for several days after suffering from pneumonia.