Swaraj India says “The country is under debt of farmers, farmers are not under any debt”

8 months ago SANJEET DWIVEDI 0

On Maharashtra government’s  announcement of thirty-four thousand crore farm loan waiver, Mr.  Anupam, Chief Spokesperson and National Presidium Member, Swaraj India, has said:  “We don’t talk about clearing the debt of farmers as the country is in itself under the debt of farmers, farmers are not under any debt “.


According to Mr. Anupam, from last 5 to 10 decades, farmers are not only getting prices for their input cost of agriculture but also their agricultural producers have not been bought. There should not be further frequent demand for farm waiver by our farmers for a democratic society like India.

On further commenting on government’s decision on waiving farm loans for farmers who have a debt of up to 1.5 lakh rupee, Mr. Anupam said that In Maharashtra, Minimum Support Price(MSP) for Tur pulse was set as 4,625 Indian rupees(INR) per quintal by Government. it was raised to 5050 Indian rupees(INR) per quintal in last financial year. The production of Tur pulse had increased from 4.4 lakh ton to 20 lakh ton in that year.

Mr. Anupam further added that Government had not taken care of the increase in Tur pulse production,  farmers were forced to sell their produce at the rate of about 3000 INR in spite of minimum support price was 5050 INR. A real case of worry is that in that same very year, the government imported 27 lakh ton of the same crop at the price of 10,000 per quintal.

He further added that government has no money to give their farmers but it has a lot of money to import from the foreign country like Australia and Mozambique even at a higher cost than that our farmers get through MSP.

Mr . Anupam has further appealed to all farmers to get united by shedding their political, cultural, religious and material identified as being farmers, we have an identical identity i.e farmers of India.

He has also mentioned that Swaraj India has united around two hundred farmers union .This united force will start their march from Mandsaur, a district of Madhya Pradesh on 6th July,017 and will reach on Delhi 18th of July,2017 to address their grievances and concerns.


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