Every materialistic attachment has a story behind it

3 weeks ago Anamika Dutta 0

Gone are the days, when we had the time and patience to be a coin collector or a stamp collector. There are still adults who find a doorway to their innocent old self which they left behind with the space of time and the gap of memories. Does collecting material stuff is a symbol of belonging to some permanency? Do we keep stuff only be lingered with the feelings that we won’t ever lose them? Or just keep a portion of someone or someplace in a material form to hold onto the love bonded with eternity. Well, Every materialistic attachment has a story behind it.

Every materialistic attachments has a story behind it

Often after a hurtful goodbye, we instigate ourselves to throw away the material stuff belonging to the person first. We stick to the material form of the universe so deeply yet criticize it willingly.If things were not connected to some people or someplace, it would not remind us of the people we lost in the journey of life.

Every materialistic attachments has a story behind it

As a matter of fact, a particular collection of material stuff is healthy as long as it gives us a positive vibe. Things do relate with the hurtful goodbyes, that is why a showpiece gifted by someone can tell a whole story long forgotten like an instant brush of memories or a simple street hoarding can remind you of something you neglected for a long time. It is a whole nostalgic roller coaster with hurtful emotions clinging or beautiful memories lingering with material stuff.

Every materialistic attachments has a story behind it

Our virtue will guide us into turning the negative emotions from material stuff into something to remember to as a lesson or a memory. Taking things lightly and not making life all about you is the key to blissful mindset and onset of fruitful perception. If we betray the gifts we get, we betray the love and not the person. That is why after every holiday trip, we grab few material kinds of stuff from that country to collect something worth remembering.

“They never said it will be easy, they said it will be worth it”. Clinging on to material stuff is not a selfish approach to living new but a greater appreciation of both lessons learnt and memories earned.