Less known laws in India

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Indian laws are huge. To make sure you don’t miss out on important ones as a responsible citizen of the country, we bring you a list of 10 laws you might not be aware of.

Less known laws in India
Less known laws in India
  • Women cannot be arrested between 6 pm to 6 am. Even if an arrest warrant has been issued women have the whole right to refusal.
  • Live-in relationships are not illegal. Living in together is a right to live and absolutely legal.
  • Excess Public display of affection(PDA) may lead to 3 months jail. Obscene public display of affection is prohibited.
  • Only women cops can escort women to a police station. If an arrest warrant has been issued a woman police must be present throughout the proceedings.
  • Rape and sexual assault victims have right to anonymity and cant is forced to go to police stations to give their statements.
  • Sons and daughters have an equal right to inheritance. Not only sons even the daughters are an equal heir to the inherited properties.
  • Access to free drinking water and free usage of the washroom in any hotel.
  • Whether it’s a five-star hotel or a small one, no hotel can refuse to provide you with the free drinking water and free usage of the washroom.
  • Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  No matter what the crime is, you cannot be excused because you didn’t know of Indian law. It is assumed that the citizens know about all the prevailing laws.
  • Agreements during the domestic relationship between husband and wife are not enforceable by law. During the phase of marriage husband and wife agree to certain terms and conditions to make their marriage work. That cannot be regarded as a contract and hence not enforceable by law.
  • Adultery is a criminal offense in India, only the man is punishable. Adultery means having sexual intercourse with a man with a woman other than his wife or vice versa.  But the charges cannot be brought against the woman.  In other words, if Mrs. X  is married to Mr. X, and Mrs. X has an affair with Mr. Y, then Mr. X can bring charges against Mr. Y, but Mrs. X will not be charged under the same offense.
Less known laws in India
Less known laws in India

Stay informed as a responsible citizen of India and do spread the word if you still know people who are unaware of it.

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