Why seeking love might drive you into anxiety ?

1 week ago Anamika Dutta 0

” Love is in the air ” season is finally here and here we are wondering about questions who is our true soulmate? Why do we keep crossing paths with the wrong person? When to know if it is the right time? Are there signs?.Well, life is tricky and always challenges us with some sort of complicated trivia yet to be sorted by us. Some of us just still hover in fairytale era and live their lives in the hope that might find their share of fairytale someday.The questions that bother us about love might only get us to to the answers that we seek, provided we are asking the right questions.

What do we actually seek for in love?

If we are surrounded by people that appreciate our plus points, we feel extraordinary and similarly if it happens otherwise, it affects our ultimate reaction in the wrong way. If we are to incline to hold highly of ourselves always and needs constant appreciation, we are pushing ourselves to seek what we want but that is not the natural way of life. Living comprises of all emotions to be felt equally. The phase of life where we enjoyed our childhood, none of the thoughts about the future bothered us back then nor we sought appreciation from an outsider.We were satisfied in our niche back in childhood days.

love is in the air

In order to feel content, wherever you are present, there is a subtle need for appreciation and adjustment but with only yourself. Seeking love is absolutely normal because we are creatures of emotion and not creatures of logic. Nonetheless, sometimes it is needed to put a stop to our constant search for that one person that can make every other thing in our life.The one person who can make it right is the one you see in the mirror every day so giving yourself the time and space to evaluate things and accepting the present will be fruitful in the long run.

learn to love yourself

As we grow up, we behave like adults aspiring to take control of everything but emotional dependency is out of the boundaries we are in.There should be sufficient belief in the idea that love will arrive at its own time and there is nothing called true soulmate, only normal human beings with similar frequency of mentality like us and understands us.There is no point in seeking which is out of our hands but in waiting for something better to look forward to.