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College is an entreaty for a more creative approach to undergraduate education. In India, we have an education system which poses only two paths before the college students. Either they are seemingly disconnected from both life and the job market, or they are exposed to highly specialized professional education served by the IITs and IIMs. Everything seems perfect, but something definitely needs to change here.

The B.A. and B.Sc. education in large public universities is merely a legacy, imposed by the British to train and ratify the government employees. Colleges are not ready to understand that this type of education is merely consuming the existing knowledge. It is verified through examinations. This can be improved by the adoption of at least one discipline which can be much different from one’s primary specialization. This is known as contra-disciplinarity. An exposure to a wide range of disciplines with detailed specialization may also prove to be helpful. Such an expansive belief of the undergraduate education may follow the academic research in a particular field. It may also provide further specialized training for a particular profession or even a direct entry into the job market.Coverage : Model system of higher Education in India

The Indian universities are used to following the ‘coverage model’. They traditionally focus on covering the entire syllabus which involves the history of a subject rather than concentrating on what we call the soul. This is a notifying distinction but for the study of subjects like literature and arts, we probably need to understand both. It is crucial to creating a poem as a work of art in language but it is equally important to understand its consequences, circumstances, and politics of its production. Reducing the coverage of entire work involved in a subject would prove advantageous. It would allow both time and energy for a more creative exploration of important features and relevant details rather than studying irrelevant stuff. It is a matter of intelligent selection of key features and nodes.

Novelist and Academic Saikat Majumdar has launched a new book which is a bold critique of our higher education system. The title of the book is “College: Pathways of Possibility”. An American example is followed by Majumdar, exploring how a broader and more conceptual education would improve the experience of college in India.Coverage : Model system of higher Education in India

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These days the intelligence is measured by the capability of analyzing the symbols and codes. Only this type of intelligence is valued by our system. Language, Mathematics, and computer codes are all different kinds of symbolic systems. But this type of intelligence does not enable constitutional leadership. It does not play a role in all kinds of social, civic and political organizations, as well as those which move forward through profit. If a young and ambitious person in the 21st century is attracted to different disciplines then he must not choose between them. It’s better to go for them both.

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