What is the deal with goodbye?

2 weeks ago Anamika Dutta 0

We all set ourselves strata of boundaries within which we fit in wherever we go but it is true that we always a carry a portion of ourselves even when we are trying hard to fit in. Goodbye is also a part of these boundaries.  The acceptance letter came. I was more than unhappy as it was not the dream university I had imagined. Working a lot in my mind to finally accept  “Ok, this is my life right now and just a matter of 3 years and one day I will be more than happy to be done away with it”.

It started my journey as a responsible adult but I was very much immature and insecure at the beginning of my college days. There was so much hatred in me that for a year I neglected the fact that I belonged to some college. Not my studies were neglected hopefully because I remained isolated and kept minimal contact with my old friends except few really close ones, so got more time to do good in my grades and so did.


I remember getting worked up every morning by the fact “Oh no, not again it is the time people sleep and I am here, getting ready for college”. I went countable days but those “countable days” taught me more than any institute or philosophical verbality. While, we all hate the things we hate, with mere consistency, we start getting used to it and not really knowing with this and that 3 years passed.

I can’t really express the feeling because it is happiness and sadness with its own flavor of confusion. College taught me how to handle reality and being the responsible person with enough wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong and that change can only happen if we want it ourselves. It taught me to let go, to hold on, to promise, to savor the present moment and embrace the life you are in “now”. It is thus difficult to say goodbye.

“A sincere goodbye of a less expressive soul who never could forget the memories of a non-existent part of life but existed eternally in her heart.”