Better Vocabulary to replace the use of “very”

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A great vocabulary is our one-stop solution for all our conversation troubles. The significance of excellent usage of English is known to all of us. We like it or not it’s one of the great weapons we can own to encounter people troubles as well. The English language is the most sought-after language in recent phase. People connect professionally.  When we keep our English vocabulary in check we create a long-lasting impression on the person whom we interact with.  Keeping our English vocabulary in check is pretty much the best thing we can do to keep our communication influential every time.


People emphasize on the word “very” too many times that it doesn’t sound superb. How about replacing the word with a different word and eliminate “very” altogether?

Here is a compiled list of words that you can use when you feel the extremity of that emotion inspite of using “very”.

  1. Very clean: Spotless
  2. Very sad: Remorse
  3. Very tired: Exhausted
  4. Very excited: Euphoric
  5. Very good: Superb
  6. Very happy: Jubilant/ecstatic
  7. Very eager : Keen
  8. Very fast : Quick
  9. Very valuable : Precious
  10. Very weak: Feeble
  11. Very hungry : Famished
  12. Very wet : soak
  13. Very wise : Sagacious
  14. Very neat: immaculate
  15. Very old: ancient
  16. Very poor: destitute
  17. Very large : colossal
  18. Very hungry : hideous
  19. Very strong : unyielding
  20. Very small : tiny
  21. Very cute : Adorable
  22. Very friendly : Amiable
  23. Very fancy : Lavish
  24. Very fat : obese
  25. Very funny: Hilarious
  26. Very expensive : Costly
  27. Very detailed : Meticulous
  28. Very easy : effortless
  29. Very empty : desolate
  30. Very deep : profound

So, next time you return from work. Rather than telling someone, you are “very tired”. Say ” I am exhausted”.     Or the next time you become super excited, say, “I am euphoric”


Inculcate all the above-mentioned words in your day to day English usage to be precise and impressive as well as adds to your vocabulary. Because impression is all that keeps you going.

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