BJP in a strong position,but should be careful of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

3 months ago Rajeev K Sharma 0
Bharatiya Janata Party
PM Modi

Bharatiya Janata Party is in a very strong position in India as per the PM Narendra Modi. He claimed that the party is in power in 19 states which is one more than the time of SMT Indira Gandhi when Congress was in power in 18 states. Mr. Modi recalled all the sacrifice done by the leaders of BJP in past and he put emphasis on more states to come under BJP in the coming year. PM also give thanks to Mr. Amit Shah for achieving this remarkable figure of 19 states. During party’s recent victory in Gujarat, PM recalled many Jan Sangh and BJP leaders of Gujarat including Makrand Desai, Arvind Maniyar.

PM Modi called for strengthening the Bharatiya Janata Party party from its root for 2019 Lok Sabha election and promoting young faces within and outside party keeping in mind the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi who is more popular within young ones. It was not easy in Gujarat to win for the sixth time as the party is left out with senior leaders like Keshu Bhai Patel and Shankarsingh Vaghela. However, the Gujarat election results were not up to the expectation as the party was claiming about 150 seats in total but managed to get only 99. This is a very alarming result for the BJP party. The Gujarati voters gave a clear indication to the BJP that they can also face defeat if they are not covering their promise made during election Campaign.

All the workers of BJP party should work together with one mind. BJP should understand that Modi factor is a golden asset for them but this factor only works if the whole party is united. Modi is such a leader who can increase the voting ratio by 5-10% on his base. Today, BJP is only concentrating on “Development” but the party should analyze whether all the points of previous Lok Sabha elections are covered in their tenure before focusing on 2019 Lok Sabha Election.