The Doubling Of Farmers’ Income by 2022

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Agriculture plays an important role in the overall growth of the Indian Economy. While the share of agriculture in GDP has declined sharply during the last five decades, the dependence of the rural workforce on agriculture for employment has not declined in the same proportion. The goal of doubling farmers’ income by the year 2022 has been dubbed as impossible by some experts. Some commentators have produced calculations that agriculture will require annual growth of 14.6% per year for five years to get farmers’ income doubled and pointed out that this growth level hasn’t been achieved even for one year in the history of Indian Agriculture.

Action being taken by the Government for Making the Objective a Reality

The idea of the doubling of the farmers’ income seemed to be attractive to retain them in farming and protect national food security.  Announcement for doubling farmers’ income (DFI) was done in Bareilly at a “Kisan” rally on 28th February of 2016.  To achieve this target government has been working on three key areas:

  • Productivity Gains
  • Reduction in cost of cultivation
  • Remunerative Prices
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Also, Indian  Government has given soil health cards and neem-coated urea to take care of the health of the soil. Government is also giving more resources for irrigation and using government programme like MGNREGA for recharging groundwater through check dams and farm ponds. Government is also emphasizing on getting more crop from every drop of water. This will be complemented by the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and e-market platform. All these nodes are right for any meaningful agri-strategy.

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The strategic framework has four concerns:

  • Sustainability in Agriculture Production
  • Giving recognition to agriculture as an enterprise
  • Diversification towards High-Value Crops

Making DFI – A Reality

The right solution is to increase farmers’ income in a sustainable way and make it diversified and less vulnerable to monsoons or commodity prices. This is the need of the hour to look into various factors which have drastically affected our farmers. Here are some factors where the government has worked upon:

  • To identify distortions in fertilizer subsidy
  • Prevent soil damage by excessive use of urea

Apart from this, there are large numbers of non-farm services including supply chains which require an increased focus on:

  • Transportation of agriculture produce to be strengthened
  • Storage of agriculture produce should be expanded
  • Low-Interest credit to farmers

Per Drop More Crop

Drip Irrigation to improve farmers’ income

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojana initiated by NDA led BJP government aimed at providing water to every farmer covering around 28.5 lakh hectare of land and eventually improve the use water efficiency to get “Per Drop More Crop”. NITI Aayog mentions adoption of drip irrigation as one of the mechanisms for efficiency.


Doubling Farmers’ income by 2022 is quite a mammoth task but not impossible. Implementation of schemes in a righteous manner can help to achieve the target in a given time. It requires proper plan to tackle the uncertain problem that arises like Plan for bad Monsoon, Implementation of crop insurance in a proper manner all over the country and most important sufficient warehousing and storage facilities and price support. While attaining the persisting challenges, the rural youth and kids of farmers need to be imparted training of running food processing units in the villages. In conclusion, agriculture needs to be liberated from traditional policy framework for it to grow and prosper. The policymakers, industry, academia will have to work together to find out the way out for making farming profitable.

The article is written and provided by Author Mr. Abhishek Arora who belongs to the website The Nations Opinion.

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