The Importance Of Document Shredding

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Document shredding is so important nowadays, especially for confidential waste such as legal documentation or someone’s medical records. It is of high importance that any business, no matter whether they are big or small ensure that they are shredding documents with confidential information on a regular basis. Any business or company that offers a service where there is an expectation of privacy is required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that privacy is protected. When there is confidential information that needs to be disposed of, the securest method is to destruct the document. Document shredding allows firms to quickly, and efficiently destroy documents.

Document shredding
A woman shredding some documents.

When your business is regularly shredding documents, your customers and members of the public can rest assured that they are safe from identity thefts and fraud. Your business will be doing their bit for the environment, once shredded, the paper is recycled to make other paper products. Even if one tree is less destroyed, you are doing your bit to save the environment. Banks, hospitals, hotels, schools and financial companies are all great examples of industries that have a large amount of confidential waste each day, and to preserve the customers, clients and patient’s confidentiality, the documents must be shred.

The business will run more efficiently by having documents shredded, employees can work in a clutter-free environment. Your employees have a legal right to privacy. It is the businesses responsibility to ensure their personal information remains safe, whether it be old pay slips, photo id, health records or even a bank statement, protect their identity and privacy at all times by shredding. Legislation regarding personal information is becoming more and more stringent and is continuously being enforced. Businesses can receive large penalties for failing to comply with regulations.

Paper shreding
Document shredding

There are many benefits to document shredding:

  • Documents are irrecoverable- When you use a trusted paper shredding service provider, you can be certain that every document will be shred into the tiniest irrecoverable pieces. The pieces are then all mixed together, with all kinds of other document pieces making it impossible to recover any information.
  • Reputation– If you have heard of a business who has had their data breached- you are not likely to use your credit card there, are you? Just as your customers would feel the same about you if you had a data breach. Data breaches can totally ruin the reputation you have worked so hard to build on, so protect that reputation with document shredding.
  • Cost effective– Did you know that outsourcing your document shredding is more cost-effective than shredding within the business? An office paper shredder will break down very quickly if it is being used a lot. With office shredders, employees tend to spend far too much time shredding rather than doing their assigned tasks.
  • Builds customers trust – If you make it known and advertise the fact that your business shreds all your documents, your customers will appreciate that their safety is one of your top priorities.

Ease of use – By hiring a document shredding service you will quickly discover how easy it is to destroy unwanted documents.

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