Political parties and their associations with Election Commission

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Election commission in India:

Political parties and their associations with Election Commission

Commission of India is a body of authoritative individuals  consisting of around 300 employees and a few commission Executives (mainly Indian Administrative Service Officers) who is primarily  responsible for registering political parties with a symbol and conducting elections administering to Rajya Sabha (Council of States), Lok Sabha (House of the People) and State Legislative Assemblies in India.

This constitutional authority functions autonomously and also with freedom. India is one of countries with an independent election Commission.

The Constitution of India governs the election commission as per Article 324. It has consequently enacted The Representation of People Act, 1951 to furnish the laws and regulations related to elections, disqualifications and qualifications , the corrupt practices of Political Parties and for membership of houses.

Political Parties

Political parties and their associations with Election Commission

A political party is a group consisting of certain individuals who come together to contest elections and win powers within government. They participate in various elections conducted across India.  The political parties conduct various campaigns and do compete against each other by earning more votes in favor of them by the voters. Political parties are vital for democracy.

The members of political parties agree on certain policies and programme to smoothen its day to day transactions and inter-personal harmony.  The members agree on common objective.

India has seven national political parties currently. Trinmool Congress is witnessed to be the last one added in the list in the year 2016. However , there are a total of 1866 political parties registered with Election Commission. Political parties have their own uniquely assigned symbols by which they are identified.

Delimiting the constituencies:

Political parties and their associations with Election Commission

Delimitation means the drafting of boundaries of parliamentary and assembly constituencies to eradicate the disparities across the country. Delimitation Commission Act  established by government of India which contains the provisions   , which constitutes the boundaries set as per their sizes of various electoral constituencies.


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