Feminism: From the heart of a feminist.

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Feminism has become a really heavy word in recent phase. Being a feminist is even misunderstood by most of the people. So, who according to you is a feminist? And how does the idea of feminism reflects into your brain?

While some people are quite comfortable with the idea while to some men, it sounds a scary, big, heavy and troublesome weapon that women use to protect themselves or to protect any conflict of interest or even to dominate the society. While to some women feminism denotes bolstering a superior position to men.

But, what exactly feminism defines?

Feminism is the equality of sexes at political, economic and social domain .it establishes the restoration of women’s rights and interests. And when I write “equality” I totally mean it. No more not less. Equal treatment to both the genders.

Need and evolution of feminism: It has been witnessed in the past that women were the suppressed gender. The treatment of women compared to men had been traumatizing. This outrageous practice had become the mother, from which the concept of “feminism” is born. Even today, in some parts of the world the women are not treated respectfully and often suppressed. The concept of feminism( feminist movement) works wonder there.

A lot of debate is going on today. Regarding feminism and being feminist. Gender equality should never be the topic of debate. I have seen people using the word “feminism” at a very wrong place where its usage is futile and bring in a lot of chaos in the surrounding. Sometimes a general issue brought up and presented and exaggerated in the name of feminism, where in reality the issue is not even close to gender discrimination. All thanks to the wrong usage of press media and sick mentality.

At times, it is even witnessed that taking the side of a person who you think is right frames you as “misogynist” in the eyes of some people. It won’t be a surprise if I tell you even among women its meaning is highly overstated and misunderstood.

Yes, I am a feminist and I am a woman and doing certain things doesn’t make me less of it.

  • The idea of pulling chairs for me, open doors for me while I am out with a man.                                     Feminism Ideology

What if the idea is not equally fascinating to all the women? Does that mean they would unlike it if it’s done? Not actually. Who doesn’t appreciate sophistication and chivalry? Almost everyone does.   Does that make me less of a feminist when I don’t want those? Not at all.

  • Supporting the person whom I believe in is true.                                                                                                 Feminism is for everyone

I suppose that all of us are not yet done with the “Zaira Wasim assault case”. What if I don’t believe in her story? Does it have to do anything with the gender? No, it doesn’t. That’s the opinion of a lot of women. Does it make them less of a feminist? Not at all. As far as the judgment hasn’t been passed, diversity of opinions persist.

  • Feminism is not sexism.                                                                                                                                          Be a Feminist

Yes, a few women play the victim card effortlessly. Why? Because according to them they are feminists that’s why they should always be treated properly irrespective of their behaviors towards other men. Being a woman it’s all okay to criticize a woman if they are wrong. Feminism is never sexism and a loud a clear “no” towards hating men

  • Feminism is not woman supremacist movement.                                                                                                   Feminism means giving equal rights

It’s about equality and solely about equality.

  • Feminism is not about pretending that “men aren’t a vital part of our lives”.                                               Feminism Debate

Women and men are two sides of the same coin. The survival is impossible with the abolition of anyone. Accepting this fact doesn’t make us less of a feminist.


Without making it a top debate discussion lets respect people for who they are and not for which gender they have fallen in biologically. This world is a beautiful place when everyone accepts, supports and respect each other.


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