30 days to better English.

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English is no more a language it has become more of a lifestyle now, which people love to adopt. Inculcating English in your lifestyle is encouraged by many but done by some. It seems even like a nightmare to a few. However, the number of people who are mastering this language has been seen in a growing trend. More people are coming forward every day who are interested to know this language. Its significance in today’s world can’t be overlooked. If you wish to improvise on it and surprise your peers, worry not. Here is a comprehensive list of things which you should do in order to be better at this language.

It's easy if you try

1) READ: I am sure you have read this suggestion several times before. Trust me, it works. Our mind subconsciously gets used to the format we read. You should start reading more and more books. If novels don’t seem that appealing you may consider reading periodicals like a newspaper, weekly magazines or any random article which can be relied on in terms of its authenticity and excellence.

2) WRITE:  Next step is to write. You should read and write simultaneously. When you write something of our own we get to know about our doubts and confusion in a better manner. More writing practice would make you only better at it. Good writers are not born writers. They polish themselves and achieve heights.

3) VOCABULARY: Maintain a journal of new words. Whenever you come across any new word, get to know its meaning and include one. Just writing the same won’t be of much help until and unless it is used in everyday communication.

improve your vocabulary

4) ENGLISH MOVIES: Watching English movies could be a fun way of learning English. You won’t even feel that you are learning something. If the accent is not decipherable, download subtitles and watch with subtitles on until you get comfortable with their accent.

5)COMMUNICATE: Communication is the key. Start conversing in English whenever you see a scope. Don’t hesitate; it could be your worst hindrance. Be confident. Even if you did some grammatical errors, it won’t appear awful if you are confident. People would respect you that at least you are trying.

communicate in english

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