The difference between right and wrong: Perception

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What is perception?

Perception is the ability to acquire your senses together to translate sensory impressions into a coherent and unified view. Just like people the perception differs.


When do we get angry?

It’s simple. When things don’t go our way, when things don’t go as planned or presumed, or when the acts done by somebody doesn’t appear right to us, or when just any random, not so positive situation occur.

Differences in opinions persist. We can’t have control over everything around us. There are setbacks. There would be disadvantages to some predicament.Things don’t usually occur as it should have been. People won’t stay the way we expect them to be.


People get furious when there work isn’t done at all or when it’s not up to the mark or sometimes it’s actually the thing that they do. So, how to control that sudden burst of emotions in any such situation?

The take is very simple. Most of the time the gravity of a situation isn’t as serious as it appears to us. Any conflict of opinions or deeds is a conflict only when we take it as a CONFLICT. Most of the times, we lose control in ourselves, burst out in anger, and switch the blame game on without actually thinking the other way around. Rather than accusing someone of something and sabotaging your connection with them, it is better to try to depict the whole picture. Trying to understand what actually instigated them to do that particular thing would lower the brewing in tension i.e. to understand their perception.


It might be possible that how they perceived things are nowhere near to your perception. So, barely trying to understand would do the good work. Sometimes there is nothing as RIGHT or WRONG. It’s only the game of perception.

Let’s be a better human being. Value our relationships and try to percept things through the eyes of another.


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