Different kinds of “ phile ” you need to know about.

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Who is a ‘ phile ‘?

phile :

A “phile” is a person who has immense love for something specific. ‘Phile’ is a suffix added after various words to determine different kinds of fondness for different people. Here is a list of top 10 of them which you might not know about. Read on and find out which one sounds like you. All of these words are a noun in the grammatical context.

  • Nyctophile:

A person who loves night or darkness. If you know a person who always prefers switching off the lights while he stays in a room, chances are he is a nyctophile.

Nycto phile

  • Astrophile:

Astrophile denotes those people who have a fondness for stars or astrology.

Astro phile

  • Autophile:

Do you know a person who loves solitude more than being part of some happening groups? Then, that person is autophile, who loves spending a lot of me-time.

Auto phile

  • Bibliophile:

This term is for book lovers. There are always people around us (or we) who love reading books who spend lots of time reading different books apart from the academicals and has a beautiful collection of it.

Biblio phile

  • Clinophile:

A person who just loves being in beds is a clinophile. It is mainly associated with the desire to be in reclining position every time.

Clino phile

  • Cynophile:

A person who loves canines or very is very much fond of dogs is a cynophile. So, next time you come across a person who loves being around puppies, tell them “hey, you are a cynophile”.

Cyno phile

  • Hippophile:

This term is for a person who is fond of horses. It could be used as well for a person who spends a prolonged period of time riding horses.

hippo phile

  • Oenophile:

this term is widely used for the person who loves wines, especially as a connoisseur.

Oeno phile

  • Logophile:

An immense lover of words is a logophile. It could be used for poets who engage us in their beautiful and steamy weave of words.

Logo phile

  • Pluviophile:

this one is for the lover of rains. A person who finds solace in rainy season is a pluviophile.

Pluvio phile

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