Things you should never compromise on while on a relationship

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At some point of our lives we fall for someone, things fall in place, we find that one special person we ever wanted and it appears so true that we doubt if we ever had loved someone truly. No matter how much in love you are in with your partner, there are certain things you should never compromise on, no matter what:


  • Friendship

No matter how loving your partner is or how fulfilled your relationship is, sacrificing a handful of good friends are never worth it.


  • Your hobbies

If you have some hobbies that make your happy, don’t stop doing it. Make time for it. It helps you to sort life in innumerable ways possible.

your hobbies

  • Your “me” time

All of us need a bit of personal space and some lonesome time to perform better in a stage called life. If your partner doesn’t respect that it’s not worth it.

  • Relationship with your family

There are people who start neglecting their families after meeting their soulmate. You should not ever do that. Your family has been with you throughout. Do not overlook their importance in your lives. Make time for your parents. Take care of them. Whatever you are today is because of them.

  • Mental independence

You should not depend on your partner even for small decisions. Same way, your partner shouldn’t forbid you to take even the small decisions of your life. All of us should always maintain that happy space where we make our own small moves.

  • Self-respect

There are people who almost forget there is anything called self-respect after coming into a relationship. You should never compromise with a partner who doesn’t respect you enough, sometimes with their actions or sometimes with words.


  • Trust issues

If both of you have issues trusting each other, that’s never a healthy relationship. Try talking to your partner.

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