Are we all titanium at some point in our lives?

7 days ago Anamika Dutta 0

Referring to the International singer and grammies nominated Artist Sia’s popular song ‘Titanium’ here in the Title. As the singer emphasized in the lyrics

“You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium”.

What is it with being the superwoman or Superman?The contrasting picture of our emotional vulnerability says a different story. So what is the deal with the living on your own terms?Are we allowed to show our emotional breakdown or will the society curb that to tagging it as a phase? Evidently, in order to replace the vulnerability with strength and time is the only way out to be the person you should be than to be the person you are.

To build a story about your inner superhero, life offers you enough opportunities, always.



The great story of pushing your limits to get rid of the dependency on your emotions less is enthralling but a journey filled with adjustments and struggles with inner ghosts and overwhelming past expectation.We are in the constant process of unraveling a new person from within but is it for real?Or again it is just a veil of protecting yourself from getting hurt all over again?The answers lie in finding the right decision to make and enough time to take when it comes to emotional turmoils and being the strong individual for real.

If pain was constant, we would have stayed in the dark tunnel and never get out of it at all.As we see, we manage on our own and promise ourselves the eternal support system but letting the strings go loose for rare moments is healthy and natural for a human to do so.We do get out of the dark tunnel and find the way out with time and perseverance.Life gives us enough scopes to be the superhero of our lives to act accordingly and sometimes without any reasonable thinking and directly skipping to actions.


Staying strong is not a cover, it is a necessity to tackle the life but getting a bit of lifeless in the whole process of major changes and new habits to achieve something can be distressful.A lot of people complain about being lifeless in the steps to becoming strong and superhero. But being full of life is the purpose of being strong.People who are full of life knows the value of each day and experienced the worth of reacting in a kind way can make such a huge difference.So embrace the changes but always be a “titanium“.