Exposed-Corruption in Delhi’s Transport Department

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Delhi government’s transport department has been continuing with a free hand of corruption since much time. The exposure of their deeds has finally been done. The scandal which was going on is finally in front of the world followed by protests and complaints against the government. Newly formed political party Swaraj India has exposed the corruption in the transport department of Delhi government.

The case reached the court followed by an FIR filed against the government officials  i.e the MLO and the MVI of the transport department. The officials have been supporting many fraudulent cases and one of them have been recently disclosed providing a basis to lodge an FIR. The reported case is based on permit transfer of a deceased auto driver with the help of the fake papers. This case has been reported as fraudulent and yet despite registering an FIR, no action has been taken by Delhi police or Delhi government.

scandal of fake permit transfers of auto drivers

The situation requires an immediate suspension of the MVO and MVI by the Delhi government. Also, an enquiry of CBI must be ordered regarding all such cases where permit transfers of dead, female and senior-citizen auto drivers have been obtained. The case reaching heights and frustrated by the negligence of the government, Delhi’s auto drivers are about to protest against the corruption which is prevalent in Transport ministry of Delhi government.

Exposure to scandal by Swaraj India

The motive of the recently formed political party Swaraj India is to obtain freedom from dominance in all aspects of human life. They have been working on various aspects to fulfil their motive. Working for benefits of people and helping them to protest for their rights. They exposed this major scandal of Transport ministry of Delhi government on 22 December last year. The scandal was exposed in the name of fraudulent permit transfers. Citing examples, the leaders of the party highlighted the above-mentioned case of a deceased auto driver. The permit was transferred without even informing the family members of the deceased auto driver.

scandal exposed by Swaraj India

The seemingly fictional story is actually much real and has been narrated by the mother of the deceased auto driver Shanti Devi herself. Expressing her grief, she confessed that none of the concerned officials or the leaders of the ruling party came forward to help her. But, Swaraj India stood firmly and held her hand to fight for her justice. They initiated by filing a complaint against the corrupt officials and other accused people but finding it useless they later reached the court and demanded an investigation in the matter.

Negligence of the Authority

As a result, on 7th February 2018, the court then ordered an FIR against the MLO (Mr Rajesh Kumar Meena), MVI (Mr Jitendra), and other brokers who are involved in the case. To increase the heights in spite all this, no action was taken. The Delhi police in all in the hands of Delhi government and responsible for protecting the ones who are guilty. Despite the charges of brazen corruption neither the Delhi police has arrested the officials nor the Delhi Government has suspended the corrupted officials ruining the prestige of the department. It is more than 100 percent definite that higher officials have been involved since the level of corruption among the officials of Burari Transport Authority is not possible without the direct involvement of the government and ministry officials.

Another such case has been highlighted by the National Spokesperson of Swaraj India Anupam. Fake documents of a 42-year-old auto driver were prepared by mentioning his age as 64 just because he was ineligible for a new license badge. Again involving the creation of fake documents, it wasn’t possible without the involvement of MLOs, financers and brokers. A police verification report is also necessary for people above 60 years of age which was also forged. Corruption at every level has been a witness in all such cases. Party’s Delhi State president Anupam has demanded a resignation of the Transport Minister from his post and has suggested him to take up the responsibility of the rampant corruption in the department. In case of no immediate action in this matter, Delhi’s auto drivers will launch a protest against the corrupt officials and the Ministry of Transportation.

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