High Court asks Police To Accelerate Sunanda Probe

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The High Court of Delhi on Wednesday told the Police Department not to delay the  Sunanda Pushkar case  any further . The Court, today, showed its exasperation with the city police due to the delay in the investigation. Ordering the Police department to produce the reports within two weeks it said that the Courts would themselves shall look into the matter, if they failed to do so. Sanjay Jain, the Additional Solicitor General recently requested the Courts to look into the developments in the high profile case.

High Court on Sunanda Pushkar Probe
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Sunanda Pushkar was the late wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor . She was found dead on the 17th of January, 2014, a day after a Twitter spat involving Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.  Ms Pushkar had accused Ms Tarar of having designs on Mr. Tharoor and also of being an ISI agent. Her corpse was recovered from room number 345 of the Leela Palace Hotel in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.  The Delhi Police has since been investigating the case. The autopsy report by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) first claimed it was a suicide, then claimed that she died of a drug overdose.

Mr.Sanjay Jain maintained that it isn’t police indifference that is hindering the case but a delay in procuring the forensics. He also said that the High Court should converse with the Delhi Police inside a chamber, while asserting that the impediment was mostly due to the delay in getting the reports by the forensics and not because of any individual. Soon after hearing this, the court pronounced that while interfering into the matter was not just, it would definitely like to know how far the investigation has progressed.

The bench of Justices G.S. Sistani and Chander Shekhar objected to the delay, saying that  it has been more than 3 years and the case has still not revealed any conclusive evidence. Two weeks later, the courts ordered Mr. Sanjay Jain to supervise the investigation himself. The High Court said that if there is no development in the case despite this, it would carry on with the probe itself. Before moving further, the bench added, it would wait for two more weeks and note any progress made by the Delhi Police in the case.

BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy objected to the exclusion of  the police and said that he had previously filed a plea seeking a High Court monitored, CBI-led special investigation. He also said he was not in favour of the expulsion of the police from the case. Also, Swamy charged that the reports were delayed deliberately to impair the probe.

Furthermore, senior advocate, Mr. Vikas Pahwa, appeared on behalf of Shiv Menon, Mr. Tharoor’s stepson to plea for a time-bound investigation. The bench accepted his argument and directed advocate Ishkaran Singh Bhandari to supply Shiv Menon with copies of the petition filed and other documents regarding the case.

High Court on Sunanda Pushkar Probe

The Court summoned the Delhi Police on August 1st to question the delay over the probe. However, the bench was not satisfied with the evidence produced as both the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) and the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) gave contradicting explanations.

The court has also expressed its disapproval over the standing report that the mobile phone data recovered from the scene of the crime has been lost and the forensic team has failed to recover it.


High Court on Sunanda Pushkar Probe
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High Court on Sunanda Pushkar Probe
This article talks about High Court's summon to the Delhi police to avoid further delays in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case.
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