Republican Party’s “skinny” Repeal Bill Failed

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Republican Party’s (GOP) recent effort to revoke (“skinny” repeal) the Obama’s healthcare act has botched after a dramatic late-night vote out in the US Senate. Three Republican leaders Susan Collins, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski, voted in opposition to the bill.

President Trump stated in a tweet that 48 democrats and three republicans had let the people of American down. The “skinny” repeal is third unsuccessful effort to cancel Obamacare. In a republican-conquered Senate, the bill failed by 51 votes to 49.

Republican Party's "skinny" Repeal Bill Failed

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, expressed the outcome as a “disappointing moment”. He stated “Our citizens have endured through an appalling lot under Obamacare. We considered they deserved better than this. That’s why my several colleagues and I carry out as we assured and chosen to repeal this disastrous law. We told our citizens we would vote that way. And when the moment arrived, the majority of us did.”

According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), if the “skinny” repeal bill had passed then around 16 million people might lose their health insurance by the year 2026, amid insurance premiums rising by 20%. Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said his party was comforted that millions of citizens would maintain their healthcare.

Republican Party's "skinny" Repeal Bill Failed

The voting has been delayed as GOP attempted to persuade their members to vote for the repeal of Obamacare act. The shocking vote of Arizona Senator John McCain came after a long-drawn-out drama on the Senate ground. After being angrily lobbied by Vice President Mike Pence, McCain united with two other Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in voting in opposition to the repeal plan.

It is seen as revenge, since two years before applicant Trump had teased the Arizona senator’s  Vietnam War evidence now McCain wedged a blade in Trump’s healthcare transformation plans.

After the vote, McCain stated that the repeal didn’t have any essential improvement as well as it would not aid in improving the health care of Americans. He further stated that House Speaker Paul Ryan‘s declaration that “the House is keen to send the bill for more contemplation by committee didn’t relieve my anxiety that this shell of a plan might be taken up and approved at any time”.

Republican Party's "skinny" Repeal Bill Failed

But Mr. McCain also criticised the approach Obamacare had been approved by Democrats as well as asked senators to come again to the right way of legislating with obtaining contribution from both parties.

McCain stated, “I have repeated time and time that the main failure of Obamacare was that it was forced through Congress by Democrats on a firm-party line basis exclusive of a single Republican vote.” “We should now revisit to the right way of legislating and drive the bill back to board, grasp hearings, obtain input from both sides of the walkway, pay attention to the proposals of nation’s governors, and create a bill that at last brings reasonable health care for the Americans. We have to do the hard slog our populace expect from us and deserve.”