Jethmalani Blazed Fresh Barrage on Kejriwal

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Well-known senior counsel Ram Jethmalani fired up a fresh barrage at his previous client Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

The argument amid Delhi Ram Jethmalani and Arvind Kejriwal regarding the employment of the word ‘crook’ for Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has taken more twist as Jethmalani alleged that Kejriwal had used even worse terms than crook for Jaitley. This move came after his July 20 letter to Kejriwal in which he handed over his decision to give up as the counsel of CM since he was upset with the CM for informing the court that the senior lawyer himself used the undignified terms against Jaitley.

Jethmalani Blazed Fresh Barrage on Kejriwal

He Stated, “The ground behind this is that he (Kejriwal) has articulated a lie. He has said that he has not provided me with any directions. But he had, I had traced it. I have notified him that I do not appear for you anymore. He does not want a legal representative now, maybe will resolve with Arun Jaitley. ” Jethmalani’s office confirmed that a letter is sent to Kejriwal to settle the dues of about Rs 2 crore.

Previously, the Delhi government had given a sum of Rs 3.5 crore to Jethmalani, which includes Rupee 1 crore as the payment and Rupee 22 lakhs as the charge for each appearance in the proceedings even earlier than the cross examination period is over.

Jethmalani Blazed Fresh Barrage on Kejriwal

As a result, Jethmalani took the unparalleled move of driving the same letter to Jaitley as well. Jethmalani stated in his July 20th letter to Kejriwal, “You have asked me several times to teach this (Jaitley) ‘……’ (Crook) a lesson. Incidentally, for the last couple of weeks, you just met me for a short time. However, your assistant Raghav Chadha, as well as advocate Anupam Srivastava, have been updating me on the issue. Indeed, the law is reconciled that no suit for compensations lies in opposition to parties and lawyers even if the proposal made only in court legal proceedings proves to be forged or malevolent”.

The CM betrothed Jethmalani, an identified critic of the finance minister, to protect himself. But the duo knocks out on the issue of an unsavoury term used by the counsel for Jaitley during the court proceedings on May 17. Jaitley was shocked by the term and threatened to file a subsequent offence suit and inquired the lawyer whether he used the term on his client’s order. Jethmalani confirmed in his reply that his client had instructed him to do so; Jaitley filed a further defamation case against Kejriwal, claiming an additional Rs 10 crore in compensation from him.

Though Kejriwal disagrees the allegations in a sworn statement he has given to Delhi High Court in his response to an application filed by Union Minister Arun Jaitley, he wrote a letter to Jethmalani as well. Kejriwal stated in his affidavit that, “it was unbelievable that he would even imagine of instructing the senior advocate to use such offensive words”.

Jethmalani Blazed Fresh Barrage on Kejriwal

The affidavit also cleared that, “Neither the accused (Kejriwal) nor his lawyer (Anupam Srivastava) meeting the senior advocate (Jethmalani) by no means gave any directives to the senior counsel to use the offensive words”. “The defendant through his letter filed on July 19, 2017, has conveyed to the higher counsel unswervingly that no instructions to use offensive words were bestowed by him to the well-read senior counsel”.

In his application, Jaitley claimed that he was being inquired appalling questions, as well as efforts, were being made to hold up the court proceedings in the civil defamation suit of Rs 10 crore, which he had filed in opposition to Kejriwal along with five Aam Aadmi Party members in 2015.

Performing on Jaitley’s request, the HC asked Kejriwal to desist from asking offensive questions to Jaitley as well as from applying terms like “crook”, which HC deems filthy and offensive.