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Further updates in the case of AAP-Bureaucrat controversy are going viral and sensational. In the case of assault of Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash, interrogation was again carried out with the Chief Minister’s consultant V.K. Jain. According to Sanjay Singh, attempts have been made to manipulate the statement of V.K. Jain under police custody. This has been done in order to create troublesome situations for the MLAs of AAP. The whole country knows well that they are the same people who have turned the statements of witnesses several times, be it the case of Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin, or Judge Loya. They are not to be entrusted and play openly with the authenticity of any serious matter.

Aaj Tak reported that:

Looking on the other side of the coin and considering the previous records, police came out to be against the bail of Amantullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal. The hearing of the case was today i.e. on 22 February 2018. The sensitivity of the case reached its peak when the workers of AAP reached the house of Home Minister Rajnath Singh in order to protest against the one-sided statement of the Delhi Police which was against the AAP MLAs. Opposing such act of protest police has taken a big step by taking AAP workers and minister Rajendra Pal Gautam into custody.

Biasing against AAP

Alka Lamba has also been taken into custody who were reportedly protesting outside the house of Home Minister Rajnath Singh. There is no case reported regarding the assault of Ministers of AAP and no investigation has been done. They are sent to jail without any proper evidence and no one is coming forward to investigate the matter. The ones who came to protest were also assaulted and taken into custody. Alka Lamba also said that they only wanted to meet Rajnath Singh and to ask some questions regarding who is giving the orders to Delhi Police and why there is no investigation regarding the complaint of Imran Hussain. Why is no one taking action against their complaints and why is Delhi police acting such biased. But in return, the Ministers and MLAs were ill-treated. It can clearly be seen in the video attached.

To worsen the matters, AAP workers are taken into custody and not allowed to protest, but on the other hand, BJP workers protesting at the house of Manish Sisodiya were not stopped by anyone. Questions being raised are a must in such a situation. According to senior AAP leaders, BJP is trying to destabilize their government:

They exposed the faces involved in public manhandling of Delhi Sect:

Decision of the Court

In the case of assault of Chief Secretary, two AAP MLAs have been sentenced to 14 days in Jail. They have been sent to jail only on the statement and complain of the Chief Secretary whereas it can clearly be seen in the video that the MLAs of AAP are being assaulted by whom and still no action has been taken against these people.

AAP MLAs Amantullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal sent to jail

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