AAP versus Chief Secretariat

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Discussion on a serious issue and insecurity led the Chief Secretariat of Delhi Anshu Prakash to report against two MLA’s of Aam Aadmi Party. He has sensationally alleged that he was assaulted by two AAP MLAs at the Chief Minister’s place in Delhi. He has always been in support of the AAP but this allegation has shaken the minds of each and everyone. Analysing the situation, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal states that the terms of the allegation are ‘bizarre’. He clearly denies any such assault by the AAP MLAs. He admits that there was a heated argument between the two but there is no case of assault or any sought of violence.

To increase much of their difficulties, media has been continuously reporting in favour of the allegations attributed to Chief Secretariat. But to prove their point and bring out the true picture of the scenario, AAP responded to the reports of the media.

AAP response to Chief Secretary issue:

Troubled by the allegations, AAP responded to the issue and started to explain the whole matter. They said that the discussion at the CM house at midnight was regarding the 2.5 lakh families who were deprived of rations last month due to faulty implementation of Aadhar. There was a meeting of the MLAs at the CM residence and they were all under tremendous pressure from the public. The matters started to become worse when the Chief Secretary refused to answer any sought of questions and said that he was not answerable to CM or any of the MLAs. He remarked that he is answerable only to LG. He worsened the situation by using bad words for some MLAs and the meeting without answering any of their questions.

The party also informed that it was just a rumour that the meeting and the argument were about TV ads. Disclosing the reality they said that the discussion was based only on how a large number of families were not getting the ration. According to AAP, he is simply making fake allegations upon being instructed by BJP. Expressing their concern for themselves they portray the kind of obstacles that are being created in the work of AAP government by BJP. If the Chief Secretary himself can make such wild allegations then the difficulties being faced by them is unimaginable.

Regarding the bad words used by him, they said that the Chief Secretariat commented on the caste of Dalit MLAs which sounds shameful. Such comments on one’s caste and the background is not acceptable and so a complaint has also been sent to the Delhi Police Chief regarding the same.

Police controlling the mob, AAP versus Chief Secretariat

MLAs assaulted by the mob:

The complaint regarding the MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Ajay Dutt was for assaulting the Chief Secretary but as per the reports now they are in turn assaulted by the mob. Such chaos and indiscipline have never been observed at the secretariat. They have been commented upon at the secretariat and the police have said that they would not be able to help. MLA Ashish Khetan himself reported that he and his PSO was were assaulted by the political mob inside the Delhi secretariat.

Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain was also heckled. Volunteers were also not spared and were thrashed by the rude and aggressive comments.

A video has been recorded showing the chaos created by the mob at the Secretariat:

An FIR has been registered by Ashish Khetan. It has been confirmed by the DCP Central that he had made a call to PCR saying that he was manhandled at the Delhi Secretariat by Babus. Cops are already checking the truthfulness of his claim. Minister Imran Hussain is also going to complain at IP Estate police station. The MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Ajay Dutt will also lodge a complaint with SC/ST commission against the comments made on them regarding the caste.

The mob could be heard inside the secretariat shouting ‘Maro Maro’. The biggest question at this point is how could such a mob possibly be able to enter the Secretariat which is guarded by Delhi police. As the crisis continues, the presence of police has been increased at the secretariat. Home Ministry has also taken up a stand and demanded the report from LG on allegations made by Chief Secretary.

Delhi Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain has requested for a time to meet the Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

A letter from Minister Imran hussain written to SHO Delhi, case AAP versus Chief Secretariat
A letter from Minister Imran Hussain written to SHO Delhi regarding the chaos and comments delivered by the workers
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