Delhi Government will now be under Surveillance

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Delhi Government has taken a big step in order to provide a transparency to the investigation of the government. They have decided that from now onwards they will be exhibiting a live forecasting of all the meetings. This decision is being seen as a major step to avoid any sought of controversies in future. They have prepared a proposal according to which every officer and minister of Delhi government will have to conduct their meetings in front of the camera. These meetings will be webcast live on the website of the Delhi government with the help of the cameras. Not just the ministers, officers or Chief Secretary, but the Chief Minister of Delhi himself will conduct all his official meetings under surveillance which will be webcast live on the website and can be easily seen by the public.

Delhi Government will now be under Surveillance

Not only just normal meetings but the biggest of all i.e. the Cabinet meetings of Delhi Government will also be shown live on the website. Whenever an officer of the government will meet any Minister or Chief Minister, then photos of the meeting will also be posted on the website to be accessed by the public. The government claims that this step will surely bring a transparency in the system.

One more proposal is also being prepared according to which but the public will be able to access the record of all files of the Kejriwal Government. The files consisting of tactical decisions taken by them will easily be tracked by everyone. According to this, every single detail related to each file i.e. which Minister took how much time to sign a particular proposal, or what was the latest decision taken before sending a file for reevaluation, or what are the comments written on a particular file, will all be posted on the website.

Delhi Government will now be under Surveillance

Special sources of the ‘Sarkar’ say that many files get closed and are hidden. By this method of providing transparency and tracking the files in the system, people will easily come to know that which Minister is responsible for hiding which kind of files. Sarkar says that it will also help in clearing the fact as to what are the reasons for the delay in approval of the decisions taken by them.

A tweet from AAP:

As soon as this proposal of the Kejriwal government will be ready, its provision will be done in the Budget of the Government to be presented in March. Preparations are being made to provide it in the Budget so that none of the ‘babus’ can stop its implementation. Funds are also being prepared in the Budget for webcasting. As soon as this proposal will be implemented, people of Delhi will come to know about the decisions taken by the government. They have chosen the government and so they will come to know whenever the government will make decisions for them, also when are the meetings arranged for the same, till where the file regarding the meetings have reached, the reason for delay in the decisions, and why the public didn’t get the benefits of the decision.

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