Swaraj India: Kejriwal running a Circus instead of Sarkar

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The AAP-Bureaucrat controversy is shameful and so is the stress regarding this issue among different political parties. Swaraj India is another newly formed political party giving its views on the controversy. It has termed the ongoing controversy between Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Chief Secretariat as much shameful and avoided. The Party leader Anupam has claimed that it is not the first time when such an incident has taken place and Mr Kejriwal is seemingly ‘running a circus instead of Sarkar’. They get to speak and make such a comment on the basis of the previous record of Aam Aadmi Party. In the past also, members of the Aam Aadmi Party and it’s Supremo have made incorrect allegations against his own officers. They have themselves insulted many senior bureaucrats, be it Shakuntala Gamlin or Ashish Joshi, etc.

Swaraj India speaks about Kejriwal sarkaar

They have observingly stated that Mr Kejriwal takes pleasure in theatrics and always wants such high voltage drama to continue in Delhi. He also does not wants to be questioned on substantive issues of public interest. Swaraj India party has a simple motive of attaining Swaraj for and within the country. They work for economic development and welfare of society. They simply want to achieve global peace and justice for all.

Swaraj India party has proved their point giving the detailing of the past track record of MLAs like Amantullah Khan and mentors like Kejriwal. They have always believed in indecency and insulting acts as political tools and hence it’s not tough to believe the allegations made by the Chief Secretariat in this case. AAP has always been involved in such cases of dispute and created a circus of the Sarkar.

Required Revelation By Kejriwal:

The meeting was attended by the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself where his MLAs are blamed to have misbehaved and manhandled the Chief Secretary. The CM must now come clear in front and explain what exactly happened and stop communicating through proxies. A clear picture of the incident a must to reveal the insights. The culprits should be brought to justice and VIP treatment should not be given to any of the accused.

The matter must immediately be sorted out by LG. He must sit down and speak to the CM on the matter. Anupam demanded that AAP must focus on real public issues instead of wasting time on these shameful acts generating needless controversies.

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