Kumar Vishwas: AAP doesn’t belong to a coterie of a few persons

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Founder Member Kumar Vishwas of Aam Aadmi Party says that AAP doesn’t belong to the coterie of 2-3 persons but to Lakhs of its workers. He was appearing on the Rajat Sharma’s show “Aap Ki Adalat” which was telecasted on Saturday night on India TV, where he made the above statement.

He also shows that he has strength in his party by saying, two or three persons may be speaking out against him, the common party worker addressing any leader as “Ji” but he addresses him as “Kumar bhaiya”.

Kumar Vishwas: AAP doesn’t belong to a coterie of a few persons
Kumar Vishwas: AAP doesn’t belong to a coterie of a few persons

Kumar Vishwas also claimed that he was being “punished” for speaking the truth as he expressed his disappointment over not being considered for the “Upper House”.

Kumar Vishwas also listed many instances when he was being sidelined by the party leadership, on the TV show.

Kumar Vishwas is a poet turned politician. He wrote a poem against drug trafficking in Punjab and requested his leaders many times to allow him to campaign in Punjab but the leaders didn’t allow him by saying “Fanatic Movement” in Punjab is unhappy with him.

He also added that, in Delhi Polls, the party did not lose votes because of him but because of the weak policies and strategies.

The question was not of being denied for the ticket to Rajya Sabha but of the last seven months; he has been reduced to ‘a mere pawn’, he added.

Kumar Vishwas also added that “ he might say in the past, that he is not in the politics for post or power, but he did not even say that the fruits of his long seven years struggle will be given over to ‘Ajgar Chap’ Guptaji (Sushil Sharma)”.

“Mere lahze mein ji-huzoor na tha, Isse zyada mera kasoor na tha”, was the Urdu couplet with which he replied on asking the question that what he thought was his fault for not being considered for Rajya Sabha.

When he was being asked why Raghuram Rajan, Arun Shourie, and Yashwant Sinha declined the tickets when they were being approached by AAP for Rajya Sabha tickets. He replied, “There was a time when big leaders lent us support saying we were part of a big battle.”

He also added, Raghuram Rajan is a great man, but when his PA conveyed that Raghuram Rajan is declining the ticket was the insult of AAP, an insult to the hard work of Lakhs of party workers.

He also quoted, “We should understand why so many great leaders are refusing the tickets this time”.