Rajya Sabha Polls New Twist

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For Rajya Sabha polls, Trinamool Congress extended its support to Congress contender Pradip Bhattacharya yesterday. The polls for six Rajya Sabha seats from West Bengal will be held on 8th August.

Senior TMC leader told media that  “We have passed on a message to the Congress leadership that we are all set to support their candidate in the Rajya Sabha election if Meira Kumar or else Pradip Bhattacharya is their candidate.”

The step will put the CPM in a fix as it declared on Wednesday that it wants a “suitable independent candidate” to be fielded by the opposition parties in West Bengal, failing which it would think fielding a contender. The Congress’s judgment in addition to the Trinamool Congress’s offer of support will intensify the tug of war in the CPM above the plan for the Rajya Sabha elections.

Rajya Sabha polls
Rajya Sabha polls

Sources in the Congress supposed Trinamool has expressed that it would hold up the Congress for the sixth seat, which is falling unfilled if it fields Bhattacharya, who is retiring next month, or former Speaker Meira Kumar. Bhattacharya is an ex- PCC president. The Congress has in all 39 MLAs in the Assembly, which is not sufficient to get its contender elected.

In the 294-member House, a contender wants 42 votes to succeed in Rajya Sabha election. The Bengal unit was furious over the CPM central committee’s conclusion to refuse its proposal to field General Secretary Sitaram Yechury by way of Congress support. A top CPM leader said “at present, we have supervised to cement the Congress-Trinamool Congress connection. We pushed  Congress to the Trinamool side when it was willing to move  with us.”

The Trinamool has fielded five contenders and has the numbers to obtain all of them elected. The clash is regarding the sixth seat for which no party has the figures. The Left Bloc has 33 MLAs in the Assembly. If the Left does not field a contender, all the six candidates would be elected unrestricted.

A few months earlier, there were discussions of the Congress supporting Sitaram Yechury, CPM general secretary, if nominated by the party. Though, Yechury’s candidature was shot down by his own party’s central committee.

Rajya Sabha polls
Rajya Sabha polls

Left Front Chairman Biman Bose alleged that “We were trying to zero in on an outstanding personality outside the border of party politics as a common contender acceptable to all quarters. We lost two days searching for such a candidate”. He added  “We had no idea that Pradip Bhattacharya is contesting. That was declared unilaterally by Congress. So, we had to hold an emergency conference and choose our contender”.

Mocking the Left Front for its let down to strike a perceptive with the Congress, the CM supposed: “As far as I was clued-up, the Congress had alleged that it would support the Left contender in Rajya Sabha polls, who is a party leader from Delhi. When the Left could not field him, then only Congress fielded a contender. When the Congress had specified its word to hold up the Left candidate, the Left should have prepared the same. I think they have not done the correct thing.”


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