BJP takes a significant lead in UP Mayoral elections.

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BJP - UP Mayoral elections
UP mayoral elections.

After the high prolific polls of the BJP government in the Mayoral elections, followed by the successful reign of the Yogi Adityanath (Hon. CM of UP). They have successfully bound all the contingencies of all the parties. As the BJP is now leading with 14 of 16 Municipal corporations in the State. Meanwhile, in Mathura Municipality both BJP, as well as Congress, got the same number of votes, so the result will be decided by a lucky draw.

BJP UP CM Yogi Adityanath voting.
UP CM Yogi Adityanath voting.

Lucknow is giving its first Woman Mayor named “Sanyukta Bhatia” who exclaimed that she doesn’t consider anyone as her competitor, she confidently said that she is first no matter who is second or third. Meanwhile, in 2012, BJP won 10 out of 12 Municipal corporations and there are 4 new municipalities added naming Ayodhya, Saharanpur, Mathura, and Firozabad where there’s a tie-in between the two parties. BJP is also leading in Ayodhya as the campaign was started in the form of a rally which continued from Faizabad as the city was upgraded to a Municipal Corporation.

The accountable thing is that Mayawati along with her party BSP is leading in Meerut, Agra, and Jhansi. As BJP washed out BSP in last Assembly elections and restricted her to 19 seats, so these two seats are last hope for her party. Both BSP supremo Mayawati and SP Supremo Akhilesh Yadav didn’t organize any campaigns for their respective candidates. So, this can be the reason why BSP and SP are not able to perform well.