Naveen Patnaik dismisses his Agriculture minister

3 months ago pratyush shukla 0

Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has dismissed his agriculture minister Damodar Rout for making a remark on Brahman community.

Naveen Patnaik dismisses Damodar das
Damodar das former Agriculture minister of Odisha.

Naveen Patnaik tweeted that, “I strongly disapprove of anyone who makes derogatory remarks against any caste, creed or religion. I have dismissed Dr. Damodar Rout from the Council of Ministers. A letter has been sent this evening to the Hon’ble Governor to accept this dismissal.

On 18th December, while attending a district level festival in Malkangiri district, Dr. Rout said that tribal people never beg even in very adverse condition but Brahmins beg for alms if the condition arises.

This remark has drawn the severe critique and protest from the Brahman community during last few days.

Dr. Rout is famous for making such remarks which have created trouble for Biju Janta Dal to remain in politics. In past, Dr. Rout has made a casteist remark against senior Dalit Leader of the party and faced a lot of protest against his statement. He has also faced criticism for making a remark on farmer suicides and Anganwadi workers in past.

Meanwhile, his dismissal was embraced by many political leaders of Odisha.