Ideas on how to plan a perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner.

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Valentine’s day is around the corner. January is nearing the end. Within no time six days of February would pass and valentines week would kick start. Valentine’s day is a day for lovers, couples, it is a day of celebration of love. It is celebrated in all over the world on 14th February. The valentines week would start on 7th February which is called “Rose Day”. Basically, this is a day on which you give a rose to the person you are in love with. It could be your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone you have fallen for.  No better day would come in your lap than this for letting out your feelings and emotions for the person you have fallen for.

surprising decoration

So, guys why to wait for expressing your deepest of emotions?

Let’s get colored in the shades of love in valentines week this year by making it special for you and your special one.

Here are a few ideas you can refer to while planning for the move.

  • Candle lit dinner date.

Arrange a candlelit dinner date either on your terrace or in a restaurant and order all your favorite cuisine to make the evening special. Don’t forget to remind them how special they are for you. Nothing could be better than this deal.

candlelit dinner

  • A handmade gift.

If you are running out of a huge budget then this could be best for you. Even if you are planning on other things adding this one would only fetch you extra love from them. Prepare a handmade gift. It could be an album or a scrapbook of your pictures or any other ideas that are affectionate.

cards and gifts

  • A love letter.

Write down all your deepest emotions. Write down how their presence in your lives influence you.

 A letter which says it all

  • Something they are in need of.

If she needs that pair of sports shoes, gift her. What a pleasant surprise that would be.

Valuable gifts

  • Choose a valentines day themed restaurant for a dinner date.                                                       day of love


  • Self-cooked food.

Cook all the food for dinner by yourself and surprise them.

  • A compilation of small cute gifts.

The things which have an emotional value in your relationship put all of them in a box. It could be your first date’s dress or a deodorant they love. Wrap it up and give them.

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