Bio-inspired soft robots mimics stingrays.

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The UCLA (The University of California, Los Angeles)bioengineering Professor Ali Khademhosseini has developed a robot which uses bio-mechanics of stingrays(a kind of fish)which promotes Bio-inspired soft robots

The soft robots are considered as robots which are constructed using compliant material which is found in a living organism.The mechanism of Bio-inspired robotics is inspired by biological systems, in which the elements of nature is taken to design a robot.

The simple body structure of stingrays has paved the way for developing such a robot.The flattened body shape and side fins which elongate from head to tail make stingrays an ideal model to design bio-mechanical systems

This 10-millimeter long robot has been layered into four parts: a tissue which is composed up of live heart cells, Two specialized biomaterials for structural support and flexible electrodes.

Mimicking nature, the soft robot stingray can even flap its fins when the electrodes contact the heart cells on the scaffold,  according to a study published in journal Advanced Materials.

This development can lead to advancements in regenerative medicines, medical diagnostics, and therapies.


The robot designers take inspiration from living beings to impart their characteristics into a robot to involve locomotive and manipulative features from nature.They can be served as a useful tool to mankind in this ways :

  • A robot with legs like Cheetah(runs faster than Usain Bolt)to do any required job even on the rugged terrain takes the locomotive property of cheetah.


Bio-inspired soft robots to run like cheetah
A design of robot inspired by legs of cheetah to run fast in difficult circumstances.
  • Any robot with wings(moreover, like a  superman) can fly and get your work done easily again takes properties of birds.
  • You can also imagine a robot which can swim underwater by undulating their bodies,  which will do underwater navigations and lot more.
  • A robot which can crawl like lizard and rescue peoples from fire ravages in an apartment(you might have seen such robots in movies).

These robots are expected to enable new capabilities in recovery, rescue, search, inspection, security and so on.

Taking inspiration from nature and creating such robust robots will soon be proven fruitful to mankind.

To see the Stingray robot flapping its wing, you can see the video.